Saturday, January 15, 2011

8th Birthday layout

Ok let me start by first saying I don't do well with layouts.  I used to do them back in the 90's when all we had was some Mrs Grossman stickers and tiny paper punches.  I really didn't have much in supplies then.  I put all that away and just picked it back up not quite 2 years ago.  I have only done 6 layouts since then and this is the 6th one.  After being away from it for so long I could not believe the product that was out there for scrapbooking.  Now when I look at all the beautiful scrapbooking layouts I feel intimidated.  I have a long way to go before mine will look that good.  It is a slow process for me because I like making cards more.  I used to make cards back in the 90's also but had a lot more supplies for that.  This is just a simple layout.  I used the tear bear I made earlier and I used sweet treats cart to make the party hat for him and the number 8.  I am always open for advice to improve.  Comments are welcome.

I am so far behind in scraping my kids that I decided to work on their birthdays first and then go from there.

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