Saturday, June 29, 2013

Goggle reader closing July 1st

Goggle reader is closing up shop on July 1st.  I have read on other blogs how they are moving to Bloglovin   I signed up for it and it was really easy.  You can import all your blogs from your goggle reader in just one step. 

It will soon be time for the July card swap.  I already gave mine to the ladies to open on July 1st.  I will put my post up for that day.

Happy Crafting!

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June cards from Millie to Kim

Here are a couple of cards that Millie sent to Kim for the June card swap.
 This is a sweet and colorful card.
Love the butterfly.  Pretty card Millie.
Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June card swap continued

I got Kim's card swap package yesterday.  All I can say is these ladies are knocking my socks off.  Beautiful cards and so many great goodies.  It feels like Christmas every month.
Here is the card Kim did with the cheery cherry stamp challenge from Millie.  Such a cute card.  
 Very sweet strawberry card.  I love how she used the flower I sent in last months swap.  Sweet card Kim.
 This is a cute card and I love the stamp.  I also like how you did the background paper.  Very cool!
This card is soooo pretty!!  I love the flowers and bird embellishments.  I like how you wrapped the string around the saying.  The background paper is so cool also.  Very pretty Kim!
Now this card is just adorable!!  I love this stamp.  I used to swing a lot when I was a little girl.  Of course back then we didn't have computers and things.  Just swings, jump ropes, and a set of jacks.....LOL.  What is even better Kim sent me this stamp.  Thank you so much Kim!  I love it!!

 Here are some more goodies that Kim sent me.  I like the Spectrum Noir color chart.  Now I can throw away those cardboard backs from the markers I was keeping.  It is still taking me some practice to get used to using them.  Thanks for the bling......LOL.  The ladies know I love bling.  Also the monogram stamp is cool and I can always use some running glue. 
 Now this is something new for me.  I haven't tried the stitching yet.  I will be exploring this one. 

Now this little goody is burning right now.  Mmmmm and it smells so good.  Thanks so much Kim for all the wonderful cards and goodies.
Happy Crafting!

Monday, June 3, 2013

More June cards

Millie really impressed me this month with some really great cards & goodies!  Ok as you all know Millie is the one that sent Kim and I the cherry stamp.  Well here is what she did in the way of Cheery Cherries.
 This is great!  She made a card with a recipe on the front.  So cute!  The recipe is for a Cheery Cherry Crisp.  Way to go Millie.  I love it!!

Next up she sent a cup with cherries on it.  Plus she put a pack of Black Cherry kolaid inside.  This is so sweet!
Now on to the other cards she sent for this month.
 Well first off I have to say Millie knows I love sunflowers.  So you know this card is one of those cards I will probably never use and keep for myself....LOL.  I love the yellow fibers you have wrapped around the background paper.  That is so cool Millie and I will probably lift that idea from you sometime.  I have lots of fibers but never really used them for a card like this before.  Thanks for the idea.  This card rocks!
What a beautiful card!  I love the background.  Very creative.  The flowers are so pretty & the little bumble bees are so cute. 
Now we come to the goodies part.
 I love these tags.  Very pretty.  Then the dry eraser domestic goddess board.  Well hey what woman wouldn't like that one.....LOL.

Next some cool tag stickers.  I love the swirly stickers.  They are really versatile.  I love the star ribbon.
Thanks for everything Millie.  I appreciate it all!  Kim and you are spoiling me with all the wonderful goodies in the card swap packages.  To think this was supposed to be a one card swap and it has really turned into something wonderful.  Lets keep up the great work ladies cause I love having some cards on hand for those times when you need something special.
Happy Crafting!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

June card swap

Time for the June card swap.  Here is what I sent out to the ladies this month.
 This is what I did with the cherry stamp Millie sent us last month.  I managed to get a cheery cherry card done.
This little guy was done on a 3x3 card.  I thought I got a decent picture of it but I guess I didn't.  I already sent the cards out.  Just a little thank you card.  You can never have enough of those in your stash.
 This is my 4th of July card.  I cut the frame at 4" from the Accent Essentials Cricut cart.  The little boy pulling the wagon came from A Child's Year cart.  I embossed the background with the stars embossing folder.  I have a son serving in the Air Force so the little boy reminded me of my son.
Here is one of the goodies I sent the ladies.  I didn't get pictures of everything I sent.  I had to get to a apt. this morning so I didn't have time to fool around.  Had to get the pictures taken and get them in the mail.
Happy Crafting!!