Sunday, April 1, 2012

April swap

Well it is time again for the swap.  This months swap was feminine cards.  What we have been doing is using the month before the holiday as our swap so we can use the cards we are sent for that holiday.  May is Mother's day so for April we decided on feminine cards.  Next month for May we will make male themed cards because Father's day is in June.  Just in case you were wondering how we picked some of the themes for our swap.  This month I was to send 3 cards to Millie.  Here are the 3 cards I sent her.

I used Cricut lite Lacy Labels on this card.

I used Cricut lite Bloom for the basket of flowers.

I used Flower Shoppe for the 3 blue flowers.

Happy Crafting!!


  1. the pictures in no way show how pretty they are in person. This swap was to get us motivated and use the cards we get. I hate to part with them. Great Job again!!!

  2. Gorgeous cards!love the colors and spring feeling to them.Love the flowers so pretty.You have been very busy for swap.