Sunday, February 10, 2013

February Card Swap

Wow Millie and Kim went all out this month.  They even added some extra goodies in with their cards.  Thank You ladies!  I love my cards and goodies. 

First off goodies from Kim.  She sent me things I can use to make Valentine's day cards.  Thanks again Kim!  Now on to the beautiful cards.

These cards are wonderful!  Kim told Millie and I about finding some embossing folders from Darice on one of her shopping trips.  When I went shopping yesterday I found them at AC Moore for $3.99 each and if you use a coupon even cheaper.  I love the butterfly one but they didn't have it there when I looked.  I ended up buying one with the gears.  I have a steam punk digi fairy I may use that folder with.  I also love the embellishments on the cards.  I love the stamping on the Get Well Soon card.  I don't have a get well card in my stash, now I will.  Great cards Kim....I love them all!  Thank You!!
Now onto Millie cards.

Millie also got the butterfly embossing folder.  I am jealous ladies I want that one too.  It is so pretty.  The textured paper Millie used under the mom card is awesome.  Very cool card Millie.  I also like how she made a envelope for it using a old calendar page with flowers on it.  Way to recycle those beautiful calendars.  Love the bling on the butterfly card.  Plus the glittered butterflies.  I love glitter and would use it all the time.....Ha Ha!  Just something about the shiny stuff that makes me smile.  Thank You Millie for the wonderful cards.

Here is the cute goody Millie added in with the cards.  It is so cute.  I can always use some post it notes for just about everything.  Thanks again Millie.
Well that is the cards for this months swap.  I sent them each a A2 card and a little gift card.  I only managed to get a picture of the one card.  I will put it on my blog here soon.  My computer crashed on me so I have had to go buy a new computer and load stuff up.  Wow what a mess and I also lost a lot of stuff too which stinks.  I know I should have backed it up but I didn't see it coming at all.  One day working fine the next it died.  I probably could have taken it to the shop to get fixed but it was 5 years old and DH had a discount on hp computers so I treated myself.  Sometimes by the time you pay to get it fixed you might as well pay a little extra for a new one. 
I know next month I really need to step it up with the ladies.  Time to sneak into the craft room and get busy.
Happy Crafting All!

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  1. Beautiful cards from your swap buddies.Love the embossing folders used for cards.Cant wait to see the steampunk fairy card.I have always wanted to make some kind of steampunk card.Sorry about your computer.Now that you say this I should save my photos to photobuck before anything goes wrong with computer.knock on wood.