Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April card swap

Wow do I have a load of cards this month to show you.
First we will start out with Millie's

 I love how this card comes together.  The little dragonfly is so cute also.

This card is absolutely gorgeous.  I wish I could have gotten a clearer picture of it.  It is pieced together so nicely.
Another beautiful card.  I love how the flowers are put together on the front.  It is awesome.

These goodies came in my package.  I just love the stamps and stickers.  I love the rub on fairies.  Millie knows I love my fantasy creatures.
Thanks so much Millie.  Everything is just wonderful.
Ok now on to Kim's cards.

This card is beautiful.  I just love the pretty ribbon used to hold it closed.  This card can be used for so many occasions.

 This card is so cute and fun.  The little hand on the clock moves and the pink sparkles are so pretty.  My camera did not do them justice.
 Wow check out the different pattern paper used for this card.  I love all the different patterns but yet it all comes together nicely.  Great job Kim.
Now this card is awesome.  It folds out so nice.  It is just a all around cool card.  The little clothes pins on the card did not come with it.  I needed something to put on it in order to be able to sit it up to take a picture of it.  Such a neat folded card.
Kim put these goodies in my package.  Those boarders are so pretty.  I love the flower pack with the butterflies.  I can use them.  I never tried using a clear glitter pen.  They look cool and I can't wait to try them out.  Thanks so much Kim!
Now on to my card.  Yes I only sent one card this month.  I had a rough month so I didn't get much done.  I hope to make up for it next month.  Of course I did slip some goodies in each of their packages. 
Well I hope you all enjoyed looking at all the lovely cards and they help inspire you.  I know sometimes my mojo is lost and then when I start looking at cards other people make it inspires me.
Happy Crafting!


  1. They're all lovely! You got some awesome goodies too! Sorry your month was rough,I hope things are better ,and your mojo will return!I promise!

  2. She has MOJO...her card was simple yet...beautiful