Monday, June 3, 2013

More June cards

Millie really impressed me this month with some really great cards & goodies!  Ok as you all know Millie is the one that sent Kim and I the cherry stamp.  Well here is what she did in the way of Cheery Cherries.
 This is great!  She made a card with a recipe on the front.  So cute!  The recipe is for a Cheery Cherry Crisp.  Way to go Millie.  I love it!!

Next up she sent a cup with cherries on it.  Plus she put a pack of Black Cherry kolaid inside.  This is so sweet!
Now on to the other cards she sent for this month.
 Well first off I have to say Millie knows I love sunflowers.  So you know this card is one of those cards I will probably never use and keep for myself....LOL.  I love the yellow fibers you have wrapped around the background paper.  That is so cool Millie and I will probably lift that idea from you sometime.  I have lots of fibers but never really used them for a card like this before.  Thanks for the idea.  This card rocks!
What a beautiful card!  I love the background.  Very creative.  The flowers are so pretty & the little bumble bees are so cute. 
Now we come to the goodies part.
 I love these tags.  Very pretty.  Then the dry eraser domestic goddess board.  Well hey what woman wouldn't like that one.....LOL.

Next some cool tag stickers.  I love the swirly stickers.  They are really versatile.  I love the star ribbon.
Thanks for everything Millie.  I appreciate it all!  Kim and you are spoiling me with all the wonderful goodies in the card swap packages.  To think this was supposed to be a one card swap and it has really turned into something wonderful.  Lets keep up the great work ladies cause I love having some cards on hand for those times when you need something special.
Happy Crafting!!

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