Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Big Jars labeled with vinyl


I made wax tarts and put them in my big jars to grab whenever I want to put a tart in my warmer.  I decided to label the jars using my cricut and some vinyl.  I used the cricut craft room and the Country Life cart.  I cut the text at 1.4.  I only had so many choices on fonts.  This was the best one out of the fonts I had that I thought looked the best on there. 

Enjoy your summer & Happy Crafting!


  1. These are awesome! Love the jars, I thought the tarts were cookies!LOL I need to find my glasses!

  2. I love this!!! Your jars are too cute with the vinyl and I love the way the tarts look like cookies!! lol Better not have them sitting around the kitchen cause someone is going to have a few! lol Cute, cute, cute!!!