Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Last batch of Feb swap cards

Millie hand delivered her February swap cards to me just this morning.  School is cancelled today due to all the snow and ice coming our way.  Not to mention all the snow we already have piled up.  I believe we will end up being in school half the month of June to make up for all the snow days.  It will be a short summer vacation.  So I had time this morning to take pictures of the swap cards and post them.  Millie had a owl of a time with this batch.
 This is just the cutest birthday card.  I so love the owl paper.  I like how she has the owl sitting.  Really cool.

This card is beautiful with the gold glitter paper.  The sweet owl she added to this one just fits the sentiment.  Another great card!

These are the envies she made to go with the cards.  Kim and Millie do a great job making envies with their Stampin Up envelope punch board.  The one they bought me for my birthday I use more for other things along with envelopes which you will see in the March card swap. 
Now on to the goodies.  Millie is great for creating themes for her swaps as you will see here with the goodies she gave me.
 I mean where does she find all this cute stuff.  Pretty clips on a cute owl.  A hanging ornament that says Best Friends.  Owl with hearts socks.  Felt owls and hearts on clothes pins.  So CUTE!

This here just knocks my socks off!!  The pink owl is hand cream and the little blue one is lip balm.  I mean how stinkin sweet is that.  The other is a owl knick knack.  Which will be sitting on the very shelf I used to take a picture of.  I mean really where does she find all the matching things for our swap?  I never match like this.
Great job once again Millie.
I hear it is to get around 40+ degrees the rest of the week.  Hopefully some of the snow will melt off but not to fast we don't need floods next.
Happy Crafting!

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