Thursday, April 3, 2014

A little late

Sorry I am a little late getting the last of the March swap cards posted.  I have been working on a couple SpongeBob & Patrick die cuts for the school.  Ok so now onto the cards.  This is Millie's cards.

This sweet ladybug card has a wonderful layered look.  I like all the layers and the embossing is great.  Sweet card Millie!

Here is what Millie did with the heart die that Kim gave her in the Feb. card swap.  Beautiful card Millie.  I love the colors.
Now on to the goodies Millie sent me.

As you can see Millie went with the ladybug theme this month.  The little ladybug tin is filled with mini candies.  Yum!  A ladybug tin cup for storing all those craft supplies.  Some ladybug socks to warm the feet.

A ladybug card with pretty flower clips.  A ladybug paperclip.  A note pad with sparkles.  A ladybug stamp.
Thanks Millie for a great batch of cards and goodies this month.
Happy Crafting!

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