Saturday, August 2, 2014

Card from a friend

A little while ago I placed a order with My Favorite Things.  I wanted to see what their paper was like.  Which I have to say it is wonderful.  Nice and thick.  Great for card bases and to even add layers.  I absolutely love their paper.  Next I got a some dies.  I have wanted the dies that make the piercing around the edges.  So I got the square dies with the piercings around them.  They work great.  I walked up to Millie's place and showed her some of the squares I made with the dies and gave her a few sheets of paper.  When I handed her the paper she started working out a card in her head.  Next thing I know she came down to my house with a card she made using the papers and a die cut I gave her awhile back.  It is such a sweet card I had to post it.  Thanks Millie!  Love the card!!

Happy Crafting!!


  1. She made a super sweet card!

    Thanks for stopping by my running blog, I'm sorry for your daughter too. It makes me so sad when you have good kids doing good things!
    Carri~A Running bee