Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Card for my Mom

I made this card for my mom.  Last Saturday we went to the craft stores to do some shopping and because I had a 10 dollar certificate for AC Moore.  It expired at the end of this month so I felt the need to spend it now...LOL.  Well AC Moore had some cricut carts on sale for $29.99.  With the 10 dollar coupon a cart would only cost me $19.99.  I couldn't decide which one to get.  A child's year or Winter frolic.  Mom was telling me she really liked A child's year.  I wanted a child's year to work on layouts of my kids.  So I went with a child's year.  I decided to make a card for her using this cart.  My mom loves loves loves flowers & plants.  She only has a very small patch of grass in her back yard because she has planted flowers and bushes in most of it.  I thought the little girl watering the flowers was a good one for her.  I am going to send it off in the mail today.  She lives only about a mile from me but I think it is nice to get a little something in the mail other then bills.

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  1. Love it and love your color choices...just perfect.