Thursday, October 3, 2013

Next batch of Oct. cards

Here are Millie's cards for the October card swap.
 Super cute Halloween card Millie.  You can't tell from the picture but the swirls sparkle.
 This sweet card is so pretty.  She put some gold threads like for the background.  The embossing is a nice touch.  She also added a fall emery board.  A nice little surprise.
 What a cute apple card.  Love the little already eaten apples.  She told me she used a tab punch to make them.  How clever.
Now on to the scrappy goodies.
 I just love these stamps she sent me.  She knows I really like making Halloween cards.  I mean I like making Christmas cards too.  For some reason I have a good time making those spooky cards.  You will see when I put my cards up.  They are mostly all Halloween.  I had to throw one normal one in there with their swap batch.  Other then that they are all Halloween.
Keeping with the fall theme, Millie sent me a green apple drinking cup.  I love these cups.  I take the cherry cup she sent me to work everyday.  Now I will have a new one to take.  She also filled the cup with yummy goodness.  Candy!!  Love the green apple Mentos and Jolly Rancher powder drinks.  I also got some Halloween stickers and a black cat emery board.  Since I have a black cat that goes good with me.
Happy Crafting!

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