Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October card swap

Well time for the October card swap.  Wow did this month fly by!  I will start out with Kim's cards today.  Kim did 6 cards for this month's swap.

 This is such a wonderful fall card!  I love the leaves and acorns.  I also like the fall color orange.
 Here is another beautiful fall card from Kim.  I love how she stamped the pumpkin and divided it up and laid it down.  Such a neat concept.
 Now this card is really cool!  When she stamped the tree scene she used a brayer and did a reflection so it looks like you are looking at a card where the trees are reflected into the water.  How cool is that?
 This is a really pretty clear card. 

 What a cute and cheerful card!  Great colors.  It really pops!
Last card.....Wow there are a lot.  This card has a neat fold to it.  Love the flowers and butterfly.  Very pretty.
Of course we always send each other some scrappy supplies.  We must feed our addiction to card making.  :-)
Kim sent me some yummy ice cream cone stickers.  I love flowers of course she knows this.  Some cute Halloween stickers and some alpha's. 
Thanks Kim for everything!
Happy Crafting!

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