Friday, February 17, 2012

Cards on a Mission

Kim one of mine card swap buddies sent me the Paper Crafts Color Inspiration for card makers magazine.  She also sent one to Millie.  We loved it.  Along with the magazine was a challenge.  To make a card using the magazine for inspiration and send them to our swap buddies.  A couple days ago I got a package.  In the package was a card holder Kim made using the color palette from page 124.  (Just in case you have the magazine you can see how well she did.)  She did a great job.  Inside the card holder she made me the Marble's card.  Super cute.  I sent out the card I made for both of them yesterday.  I will wait to make sure they got them before posting the cards I sent.

Happy Crafting!

This is the magazine Kim sent us.

Here is the card she made using the color palette from page 124.

This is a card she made me to put inside the card holder.

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  1. that magazines looks the colors your friend used for cards.I never buy magazines but maybe will try this one for color inspiration.tfs