Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kim's swap cards

Here are Kim's November swap cards.  Kim also sent me a nice stack of white card stock.  A bunch of A2 envelopes.  Plus some pistachio green card stock from Stamping Up.  (I have no excuse not to keep those cards coming)

Kim made some really cool cards with different folds to them.  My pictures could not do them justice.  Unfortunately I am not great with the camera.  Here is the front of the card.  I love the use of 2 different types of pattern paper.
Ok here is the inside of the card.  Is this not cool?
This is the front of the card.  Such a pretty card.
Here is the inside of the card.  Both sides flip open.  Pretty neat card.
Thanks Kim for the cool cards that inspire and awe me every month.  Thank you also for the wonderful card stock that will keep me in cards for quite some time.
Happy Crafting!

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  1. How cool are these!? I've never seen that cool triangle fold before!