Saturday, January 4, 2014

January card swap!

Brrrrrrrr is it ever cold here.  Down to the single digits at night and the teens in the morning.  I know it is winter but those single digits are wicked when you have to take your dog out at night.  Especially when they take forever if you dog owners know what I mean.  I am like what is out there to sniff but snow!  LOL!  Well enough chatter and on to January card swap.  Kim will be first this month.  She sent us some pretty cards and a special treat.  I will start with the cards first.

 I love this card.  So neat.  I like how Kim stamped the image and then colored one of the flowers to make it stand out.  Very pretty card Kim.

This is a beautiful card I can use to give to my mom.  I love her handmade flower.  Very pretty.  Thank you Kim for the great cards.
Now on to the goodies Kim sent me.
 This embossing folder is sweet!  I love all the little birds.
I know these are hard to see with the reflection but the snowflake gems are so pretty.  A gorgeous blue.  I really love the clear flower gems.  They will make great centers for handmade flowers.  Kim used one for a flower center on the card she sent me above.
Saving the best for last.  Kim sent Millie and I a $15 Hobby Lobby gift card.  Woot Woot!
Millie is already saying that today after work we need to go spend that before it burns a hole in our pocketbooks......LOL!
Thank you so much for everything Kim.
As Always
Happy Crafting!

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